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About us

Atzco is a 100% Mexican company established in 1992 to fulfill the existent demand for quality services in Construction, Manufacturing and Maintenance of Industrial Sites, both in the private and public sectors.

Atzco is formed by Specialized Technicians in different engineering disciplines in order to professionally execute all kinds of projects. The areas we work on are: Metal mechanical installations, Civil Construction, Manufacturing Plants Projects, Industrial Plants Maintenance and specialized services.

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Logistics Experts

Logistics Experts

Atzco has the qualified personnel to handle the integral planning and execution from the simplest to the most complex projects.

Our administrative and operational processes are a competitive advantage to successfully complete the projects we are contracted for.

We have execution programs that provide reliable information of the projects’ status in real time, which can be physically seen at the construction sites.


  • Maintenance

    Industrial Sites Maintenance

    At Atzco we have the experience and knowledge to execute any type of maintenance in industrial sites in order for you to operate your company at full capacity.

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  • Energy

    Power Generation

    At Atzco we have the equipment needed to maintain power generating plants, as well as building and repairing heat generators, furnaces, vessels, reactors, facilities, specialized steel containers and equipment, instrumentation and control.

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    Power Industry
  • Manufacturing

    Metalworking and Manufacturing

    At Atzco we can provide the maintenance services for your facilities, steel structures, your electrical installation, instrumentation and control and warehouse construction.

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  • Construction


    Industrial sites construction, residential buildings, specialized construction assignments and special equipment construction such as: reactors, catalytic converters, heat exchangers, furnaces, accumulators, and pressure vessels.

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  • Concrete
    Cement concrete Atzco

    Concrete Industry

    Facilities maintenance, electrical systems maintenance, instrumentation and control, conveyors and civil work.

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  • Storage and Accumulation

    Storage Terminals

    We are capable of building storage tanks of up to 500Mbls, as well as developing distribution terminals, supply lines, fuel transportation and more.

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    Storage and Accumulation Atzco

ATZCO Projects

Our projects speak for us. In 25 years, we have developed a number of projects, all of them with the quality that identifies us. Learn more about them.

Tanks Tula
Tula de Allende, Hidalgo

Tear down, supply and installation of permanent installation materials to refurbish and operate tanks at the “Miguel Hidalgo” refinery.

Maintenance Salamanca
Maintenance and Restoration
Salamanca, Guanajuato

Maintenance and restoration of towers and accumulators at the “FCC” Catalytic plant at the Ing. Antonio M. Amor refinery in Salamanca, Guanajuato.

Heater Tula
Heater Restoration
Tula de Allende, Hidalgo

General restoration of the direct fire heaters BA-101-A and BA-101-B and BA-201, at primary plant 1 at the "Miguel Hidalgo" refinery.

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