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How was ATZCO formed?

Atzco was born from the extinct refinery “18 de marzo” in Atzcapotzalco, Mexico City. The name comes from this place, since “ATZCO” is the abbreviation for “Azcapotzalco”.

It was established by the engineer Alfredo Rodríguez Sánchez in 1992, who had the vision to create a company that stood out in the market for its high quality and service standards which have allowed Atzco to prevail through these years.

From the values and vision the founder gave the company, the new generation at Atzco continues preserving such vision which will allow the company to stay in the market.


    It is Atzco’s obligation to fulfill the legal, contractual and regulatory requirements, as well as any other that may apply to the projects we execute.


    We are a reliable, committed, creative and high performing construction company, who offers construction, manufacturing and maintenance services that are always in line with a high standard quality, security, safety and environmental responsibility policies in order to assure the integral development of our employees and the profitability of our clients and investors.


    Be the leader company in construction and maintenance of industrial sites and manufacturing of pressure vessels, with qualified personnel, efficient processes and the proper infrastructure and technology that enable us to provide products and services with the highest quality and enter new markets.

  • Values

    Company Values

    · Loyalty: truly earn the trust you put on us.
    · Responsibility: fulfill the personal and work established commitments.
    · Punctuality: deliver projects and results in a timely manner and according to the expectations.
    · Excellence: accomplish any goal at the first attempt.
    · Respect: accept everyone as they are, so they accept and value us in return.

  • Policy

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    Integrated Policy for Quality Assurance, Safety, Occupational Healthcare and Environmental Protection.

    Company Policy

    At Atzco Constructora we are aware that the Quality, Security and Occupational Health of our employees as well as the respect for the environment are a commitment, and fulfilling this commitment must be a permanent task in each activity we perform.

    To fulfill this, we have implemented a management system in which we establish a policy that has at its core the planning, execution, verification and actions focused on the continuous improvement of our processes and performing activities such as the following:

    · Fulfillment of the time limits and quality requirements established with our clients.
    · Continuous training and qualification of our personnel.
    · Encourage intelligent use of the resources.
    · Reduce pollution and scrap generation.
    · Full commitment to prevent and control the risk of accidents or diseases to which our employees could be exposed to.

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