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  • Tanks

    Tula de Allende, Hidalgo

    Tanks, Tula

    Project date: 2016
    Client: PEMEX

    Dismantling, supply and installation of permanent equipment to refurbish and start running tanks TV-15, TV-16, TV-60 and TV-61 of 55 000 BLS, in the Miguel Hidalgo refinery.

    TV-15 tank: mud removal, bottom plate replacement, double wiper seal replacement, internal floating roof replacement,; indicator installation on the tank base and gas and fire detector; anticorrosive coating application; helicoidal staircase replacement; perimeter guardrail installation and Tag paint application.

    TV-60 tank: rolling staircase maintenance; mud removal; floor replacement in the interior of the dam; distribution pipes replacement; electrical installation for instrumentation; bottom plate replacement; paint application; walls welding repair; thickness calibration in all walls; double wiper seal installation, hydrostatic testing and construction of two access ramps.

    TV-61 and TV-16 tanks: floating roof replacement with pontoons, rolling staircase replacement, fifth wall ring replacement; perimeter walker replacement; double wiper seal replacement; rabbet construction for the fire protection system; cooling rings installation; foam chamber; anticorrosive coating applications and tanks labeling.

  • Restoration and Maintenance

    Salamanca, Guanajuato

    Maintenance, Salamanca

    Project date: 2015
    Client: PEMEX

    Maintenance and restoration of towers and accumulators in the “FCC” catalytic plant at the Ing. Antonio M. Amor refinery. 17 process towers, 25 accumulators, 1 tank and 1 filter were worked on. The contract was made for 140 days, out of which the plant shut down for 30 days for working on the project.

    Towers and accumulators: inside cleaning, inspection, refurbishing, plate cleaning, stainless Steel fastening replacement; demister mesh delivery; thermic isolation application for piping and equipment.

    1E tower: upper cap replacement (from a diameter of 5,182 mm of 516-70 steel with stainless Steel TP-410), lower cap replacement from TP-410 stainless steel, replacement of 4 m tall cylindrical section close to the upper cap; different diameter nozzles change; supply and installation of steam ring in TP-410 stainless Steel; ASME stamping application.

    7E, 9E, 15E, 46F y 47F equipment: raschig rings replacement in carbon steel, ceramic and stainless steel substitution.
    11E tower: substitution of activated carbon Merox 8.
    5LA-1 filter: bituminous carbon change.
    All parts were coated and labeled.

  • Tank restoration

    Salamanca, Guanajuato

    Tank Restoration, Salamanca

    Project date: 2015
    Client: PEMEX

    Restoration of the TV-204 atmospheric tank TV-204 with floating roof and capacity of 100,000 BLS to store PEMEX MAGNA gasoline in the Ing. Antonio M. Amor refinery.

    Disassembly of floating roof and delivery of a new one; disassembly of the Wall ring; disassembly of service and feeding lines; mud removal; tank bottom change; disassembly and installation of fire protection equipment; supply and installation of cooling rings; coating and double wiper seal replacement.

    Change and renewal of electrical installation; roundness and verticality testing; delivery and installation of instrumentation and control for the tank; installation of underground piping for electrical pipeline and lines for illuminating the dam.

    Filling and compacting the tank foundation; asphalt carpet colocation and concrete floor construction inside the dam; supply and installation of fire protection network and foam shapers.

  • Heater restoration

    Tula de Allende, Hidalgo

    Heater restoration, Tula

    Project date: 2015
    Client: PEMEX

    General recovery of direct fire heaters BA-101-A, BA-101-B and BA-201, at primary plant 1 of the Miguel Hidalgo refinery.

    Varnish change in the radiation and convection zones (where thermography showed heating); installation of fixation system and refractory concrete gunning; process pipelines replacement as well as welding, x-ray imaging and thermic treatment of them; installation, assembly and hydrostatic testing of coils.

    Maintenance and parts supply to the three heaters’ burners; valve repair for correct gas supply to pilot lights, thermic isolation in pipelines; anticorrosive coating for high temperatures in the chimney; refractory replacement in the inside of the chimneys; soot blowers maintenance and electrical maintenance in burner switches.

    Butterfly nuts maintenance; coating application to platforms, exterior of the heater and foundation bases and smoke testing.

  • Heat Exchanger restoration

    Tula de Allende, Hidalgo

    Heat Exchanger restoration, Tula

    Project date: 2015
    Client: PEMEX

    General restoration of the heat exchangers at units U-400-2, U-500-2 and U-600-2, of the Hidros 2 plant at sector 8 at the Miguel Hidalgo refinery. The restoration was completed in 27 days.

    U-400: maintenance of 30 heat exchangers with replacement of 10 bundles of pipes (4 with flow to SA-179, 4 with flow to SB-111- GR. C44300B and 2 with flow to SA-213 T-11) and maintenance to 4 air cooled heat exchangers.

    U-500: maintenance to 26 heat exchangers and 16 air cooled heat exchangers; disassembly and washing of the components and pipe bundles; inspection and replacement of couplings and filling of eroded parts that needed repair; assembly and hydrostatic testing inside and outside of the pipes; thermic isolation application in the exchangers requested by the client; anticorrosive coating application; equipment labeling and manometric arrangements installation.

    U-600: work done on 37 heat exchangers including disassembly and component and pipe bundles washing; coupling inspection and replacement and filling of eroded parts that needed repair; replacement of pipeline bundles; assembly and hydrostatic testing inside and outside pipelines; thermic insulation application in heat exchangers indicated by the client; anticorrosive coating application; equipment labeling and manometric arrangements installation.

    Air cooled heat exchangers: closure disassembly; interior cleaning of pipeline bundles; closure assembly; caps replacement; hydrostatic testing; structural painting and equipment labeling.

  • Converter restoration

    Tula de Allende, Hidalgo

    Converter restoration, Tula

    Project date: 2014
    Client: PEMEX

    General restoration of catalytic converter 101-D, of catalytic plant II, located in operational sector 9, at the Miguel Hidalgo refinery. The contract duration was 57 days, with 27 days of work performed with plant downtime.

    Unloading and loading of the catalyzer inside the regenerator to accumulation silos with vacuum trucks; manufacturing and replacement of primary and secondary cyclones of the separator and regenerator; refractory concrete demolition; supply and assembly of fixation systems, mesh and refractory concrete in the interior of the regenerator and separator.

    Aeration substitution to pipeline base of 1.5“diameter in the interior of the regenerator and exhaust; repair of the regenerator body with the installation of plate reinforcements of 1.5” width in 304H stainless steel.

    Riser lineal section replacement; disassembly and assembly with 700 ton crane; disassembly, repair and assembly of PV’s valves, reparation and replacement of upper section of venting chamber; fastening replacement to a hexteel mesh based and AA-22S refractory in chamber pipelines from venting to chimney; maintenance and repair of damper valves in pipelines and disassembly and assembly of sliding valves on the venting chamber.

    Catalyzer decanting from the silos to the interior of the regenerator; disassembly and assembly of injection nozzles in riser; blast cleaning in the interior of the converter in all areas where the refractory was changed; blast cleaning to converter body, pipelines; venting chamber and chimney; application of high temperature RE-30 in the converter body, pipeline, venting chamber and chimney.

    Disassembly, replacement, maintenance and assembly of the variable load springs; tag labeling and mechanical cleaning and anticorrosive coating application to the structure of the converter.

  • Expansions

    Salamanca, Guanajuato

    Expansions, Salamanca

    Project date: 2013
    Client: PEMEX

    Construction of 2.7 km of peripheral fence of the Ing. Antonio M. Amor refinery for the Residuals Converter Project (PCR).

    Included topographic study; drawing of the fence trajectory after identifying and locating the correspondent entrances according to the main blueprint; excavation, filling and compacting controlled by laboratory; steel assembly and colocation and sieving of footings and walls.

    Fence construction by block; closing chain placement; entry booths construction; door assembly for entry booths; barbed wire fences placement; ground removal for entry roads; paving of entry roads and perimeter curb construction.

  • Heater refurbishing

    Salamanca, Guanajuato

    Heater refurbishing, Salamanca

    Project date: 2011
    Client: PEMEX

    Maintenance and refurbishing of AA-F1 heater at the atmospheric distillation plant “AA” at the Ing. Antonio M. Amor Refinery. All work was completed in just 21 days.

    Radiation zone: supports and support locks replacement; demolition and replacement of refractory concrete; blast wall repair; burners, plate sections, gorges and ledges and its parts replacement.

    Convection zone: complete construction of convection zone; supply of casting heads, 20 meter coiled pipeline, mirror convection zone, soot blowers and thermocouples with thermowells; assembly of all these parts with 1200 and 400 ton cranes; shoulders and structure collocation to assemble the new area.

    Chimney: demolition and replacement of refractory concrete, moors and mesh; fan maintenance; replacement of expansion joints; soot blowers maintenance; lighting replacement, valves maintenance, painting, isolation and labeling.

  • Heater recovery

    Tula de Allende, Hidalgo

    Heater recovery, Tula

    Project date: 2011
    Client: PEMEX

    General recovery of heaters, towers, vessels, reactors and peripheral parts of unit 800 at Hidros 1 plant in the Miguel Hidalgo refinery.

    Convection zone: full construction of convection zone, supplying and assembling coiled piping in P5 material, refractory concrete, casting and mirrors supports; installation of thermocouples with thermowells; soot blowers replacement.

    Radiation zone: replacement of 40% of the piping; burners maintenance and parts replacement; heater floor and wall plates and alloy heads replacement; refractory concrete replacement; chimney disassembly and reassembly.

    Towers: cleaning work; fastening repair and replacement with stainless steel in the tower plates; heat exchanger maintenance and replacement of pipeline bundles.

    Reactor: catalyzer replacement; sieving, filling and repair of grilles; service line repair; valves maintenance and parts replacement; calibration of line thickness and replacement of those with low thickness; instrumentation and electrical system maintenance; painting and isolator application to all the plant.

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